Practical information for visitors

  • The visit of the exposition takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

  • Potential restrictions in opening hours related to space rental are always listed on a banner on website homepage at least a week ahead. The Kingdom closes only for four days a year, regularly, on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1. We are open on public and school holidays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Every visitor in the exposition is obliged to respect and abide Operational guidelines of the Kingdom of Railways. Its printed copy is available by the entry to the exposition.

Barrier-free entry

  • On the pavement level in the area where you buy tickets, a personal elevator is available which is dedicated solely to the needs of visitors with some movement limitations, wheelchair users and families with prams.. The elevator serves for movement of the above-mentioned groups of visitors between the first and second underground floors and pavement level floor.


  • The tracks on the first underground floor are elevated with a walking bridge in the height of approximately steps. There is a ramp available our staff will help you to attach. The second underground floor is barrier-free and toilets for visitors with movement issues are available there. Personal assistants of disabled visitors have a free entry to the Kingdom.

We would like to notify visitors on a wheelchair that some modern electric wheelchairs with batteries can be a problem. The building was built 15 years ago and the inside elevator is too narrow for such wheelchairs. Due to the weight of the wheelchair with batteries, it is sometimes not possible to use an alternative solution when our staff would carry the visitor-wheelchair user on the stairs. A possibility is to descend by elevator in the passage and enter the second underground floor through service corridor. Before you buy your tickets, we recommend that you check whether internal elevator can be used. If not, please consult the exposition manager for consultation.


Coming to the Kingdom or Railways with a pram is not a problem. You can use an elevator, which will take you both to the first and second underground floor. On the first floor, you can leave your pram in the changing rooms or at an area designated by our staff by the entry. Second floor is barrier free.

Changing tray

Changing tray can be found on the second underground floor in the bathroom for physically disabled, for more space and privacy. Ask at the Operations Manager office for a hygienic and soft pa before using it.

Food, drink, large luggage

No food or drink is allowed near the model railways themselves in the exposition. There is two relaxation areas as well as plenty of seating where you can refresh yourself. There is a café with a variety of hot and cold drinks and sweet and savoury snacks.

If you have a big rucksack or a copious piece of luggage, you will be asked by our staff to deposit it in lockers by the entry to the exposition.

Taking pictures and camcording in the exposition

Taking pictures and camcording for private purposes is allowed and non-restricted. If you want to use your photos in commercial presentation too, contact us at:

Dogs in the exposition

Dogs are not allowed a tour exposition. However, there are the following exceptions:

  • Service dogs for visitors with visual or different impairment,
  • Small breeds (must be in a case for the whole duration of the visit),
  • Small breeds who are always on a leash or carried in hand or a bag.

Please consider if you really need to take your dog with you. The expositions is spacious, but in underground premises, where children´s laughter and cry resonates and kids keep running back and forth. A visit can be stressful for dogs because of the noise.