Price list is valid from January 1, 2023.
Prices are listed including VAT. Discounts and various marketing events cannot be added up or combined.

PLEASE NOTE! Given the range of exposition, last tickets are sold at 6 p.m.

Basic entry fee

Type of ticketPrice
Basic entry fee adults, children to 15 years of age, students, seniors, (personal assistants to physically disabled visitors can enter free of charge)CZK 300
Children shorter than 1 metre (only accompanied by an adult)CZK 50
  • A regular ticket can be used only on the day when it was purchased.

  • If a customer wishes, a ticket can be bought as a “time” ticket. Such is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase and enables you to enter the exposition once.

  • The ticket is entered into system as used once it is read at turnstile and stops being valid once you leave the exposition.

  • Visitors are obliged to present a valid ticket at any time in the exposition upon staff request.

  • Vouchers and coupons for children´s ticket are valid only when you buy a corresponding number of adult tickets for full price at the same time (1+1).

  • Vouchers for free children tickets can be used only by individual visitors. They will not be accepted as payment for children groups.

Group discounts

Type of group / discountPrice
School excursions (chaperones for free: 1 teacher/15 pupils, price based on the selected program)from CZK 135

Discounted entry fee

Discount for České dráhy a.s. customersDiscount
After presenting a train ticket valid on the day of exposition visit10%
After presenting a valid In-Karta15%

A voucher for a ticket for CZK 50 • voucher can be bought exclusively at České dráhy a.s. cash desks while buying a seat on a train to Prague or passing through Prague • voucher is valid for 3 months from the day of purchase and, in this time interval, can be traded for a ticket for one person (regardless of age) to the Kingdom of Railways at the exposition´s cash desk •

up to 80%

Favourable yearly tickets

Do you come to us regularly? Then you need the yearly ticket! You need to spend more money now, but you will save it in the long run thanks to the significant discount!

Yearly ticketsPrice
Yearly package for one personCZK 1200
Yearly package: 1 adult + 1 child to 15 yearsCZK 2200
  • The yearly ticket authorizes you to come to the Kingdom 5 times during its validity, so you can use it any time that it suits you. The date of validity is printed on the tickets.

  • Yearly tickets are offered at a discounted price – it is not possible to apply any other discounts for their purchase, the listed price is final and includes VAT.

  • We would like to notify you that if you lose your ticket, we do not have any way to block its use by a potential different user. It is therefore not possible to issue a copy for you. A physical damage can be an exception (like if you spill coffee on it, provided that the basic details of the yearly ticket are still readable).

Supplementary productsPrice
Printed photograph from a “photobooth” with green canvas as a souvenir (matt 15 × 10 cm)    CZK 45
  • We do not accept luncheon vouchers, benefit cards or coupons.


  • Make your loved ones happy and give them a gift voucher for a single or a yearly ticket to the Kingdom of Railways!

    The recipients of the gift will be able to experience literally hundreds of metres of tracks, dozens of engines, moving cars, thousands of tiny figurines, landmarks of the Czech Republic and a lot of fun. A must see!

    You can buy the vouchers at our cash desk at Smíchov or in our section of Efko e-shop.