Kingdom of Railways is broadening its concept and is becoming the entertainment centre for the whole family

Currently, there is not only 600 m2 of model railway tracks, but also a much wider offer of unlimited entertainment for the whole family. All this in the price of one basic entrance ticket.


Drive around in RC models on a professional track

There are 5 models of radio-operated racing cars available, which race around a special track. Its parameters meet the requirements for international championship. The little ones have a small training track reserved just for them. What´s more, for smaller groups of those interested we offer timed races or a set number of rounds in which you can test your driving skills.


Play in VR

We have 4 spots available for players in virtual environment. You can choose from an offer of more than 15 games including one designed just for us. There is a TV screen connected at each spot where others can watch the course of game live.


Enjoy a really giant race car track

We built one more giant racetrack for older kids and adults to the original children´s one operating on buttons and reserved for the little ones now. The one that every boy and dad would like to have at home too. 2 circuits, 4 cars and 4 remote controls. Who will have the fasters lap and not lose it in the sharp bends? The length of the circuit is 37 metres! You need to try! Will the cops get that cheeky cab driver?


Build your model in MERKUR workshop

9 work spots, hundreds of nuts, screws and the famous colourful pieces with “holes” from the Czech unique constructions set kids have played with from 1925, so almost 100 years! When you were kids, did you want to build something complex, but you did not have the right parts at home? Now is the time to try and finally build the big excavator you have always wanted…

And that´s not it yet,

we also have:

Simulators made from real means of transport with projection

T3 tram can take you on the route of line 9, motor train of 810 series from Lovosice to Česká Lípa, or any other from 35 possible, in a Karosa bus line 167 or others that come to Kingdom´s bus stop.



A photo from the tracks – send a unique electronic postcard to your email or to your aunt or grandma and grandpa.

Younger kids have a place to go wild in

Go to the play corners and playroom on the topic of recycling line with a slide, many interactive elements or a model of a garbage truck with a body full of balls.

Supplementary exhibitions

Complete production of popular Igracek figurines, big section of paper models, collection of models of planes, boats and militaria, model cars and others.

And, of course, 600 square metres of model tracks

Dozens of trains, running cars, perfect models of famous castles and big railway stations and 30 000 tiny inhabitants, with changing day and night. Learn more about the model trackage in the Kingdom of Railways.

o modelových kolejištích v Království


All this fun can be enjoyed at only CZK 260 of basic entry fee or with a discount, if you use a train to get to the Kingdom of Railways or you have a transport pass PID Lítačka.

You can find a detailed setting of prices in our price list.