Model of Prague

Visit the unique Model of Prague in a scale of 1:1000, which we have been presenting in the Kingdom of Railways from 2011 in cooperation with the Department of development of the city of Prague. You can visit the model separately.

The History of Model

The decision to make a model of Prague in a scale of 1:500, which would take up the whole of the area and document the development and changes as a consequence of new construction and reconstruction, was made in 1975. Soon it was clear that the model would be too big. Therefore, works were launched on a model in a scale of 1: 1000 in 1980 by Ing. arch. Vlastimil Slíva and Jiří Straka. 305 sections were gradually completed in the following years, each of the size of 50 × 62.5 cm. The scope of the Model covers both the historical centre as well as a significant part of inbuilt area of the city and its current size is respectable 115.5 meters squared, which represent 11 812 hectares in reality.  The Model, which is owned by the city and its value is more than CZK 13 mil., was used for more than 20 years to assess planned constructions on the area of the city of Prague.

Šíp’s paper model of Prague

The big urban Model of Prague is not the only exhibit waiting for you in this area. If you want to learn what Prague looked like in 1830s, you will surely be interested in the model of the city that Rudolf Šíp was designing from 1965 to his death 12 years later.

It is a copy of the famous Langweil model of the city. It includes a total of 3 220 houses, 9 synagogues or, for example, 5 towers of the historic centre. You will see Prague how you can no longer see it nowadays. There is, for example, no building of the National Theatre or no characteristic neogothic towers of St. Vitus Cathedral. These were finished later – president Masaryk opened the completed construction in 1929.

Šíp´s model of Prague is made of paper and all objects are hand-painted. We loaned this perfect demonstration of quality and timeless paper modeling from the author´s heirs.

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