The Model of Prague

The Model of Prague

Visit the unique Model of Prague in the scale of 1:1000, which is presented in the Kingdom of Rail<3434220-0 alt="" align="right" src="/res/data/003/000343_05_004220.jpg" width="800" height="534">ways in the cooperation with the capital Prague. You can also see the Model separately.

The History of the Model

The decision to create a model of Prague in 1:500 scale which would cover the whole its area and would document the development and changes resulting from the new construction and reconstruction was made in 1975. It was soon revealed that such model would be too big. Therefore  Ing. arch. Vlastimil Slíva and Jiří Straka started work on the model in the scale of 1:1000 in 1980. 305 sections were gradually completed in the next years, each of them of the parameter of 50x62.5 cm. The scope of the model covers also a substantial part of in-built area apart from a historical centre and its today’s size is an impressive 115.5 m² which represent 11 812 hectares in reality. It is like an area covering 23 625 football pitches! The development of the city and the placement of new buildings in Prague was evaluated according to our model for almost thirty years.

Technical data

  •     The Model´s scale = 1:1000
  •     Authors:  Ing. arch. Vlastimil Slíva and Jiří Straka
  •     The Model parameters: 11 × 10.5 m = 115.5m2
  •     Made of 305 modules of 500 × 625 mm
  •     The Model is built up on a contour base, contours (1 m of height) are cut out of cardboard
  •     A display of production procedure of individual parts of the Model is placed in a separate exhibition case
  •     Subjects are made of plexiglass, since this material enables details processing and finally these are sprayed with a fine layer of white paint
  •     The Model displays the state of the city at the end of the 20th century
  •     Part of Prague 5 is missing; it was never built (in the exposition it is substituted by a map sheet)
  •     Routes are divided on the model to roads, rail and trams
  •     The Model presents also water surface, streams and the Vltava river
  •     The Model was originating for a period of 20 years and its construction was finished in 2000 – the objects originating after this time are not included in the Model
  •     Some modules were created in more variations, because they counted with more possibilities of construction – there is always only the latest variant in the Model – and that is the reason why some of the routes do not follow

Prague in detail<3524355-0 alt="" align="right" src="/res/data/003/000352_05_004355.jpg" width="800" height="533">

Owing to the fact that model is connected with modern technical means, the exposition has gained unprecedented interactivity. Visitors have the following at their disposal:

  •     4 touch screens via which visitors can operate all-direction cameras. That is how you can get a detailed view of some of the 400 selected subjects of your interest. A detailed description of the subject from Prague Information Service database is displayed with it as well as photos of the real condition,
  •     1 screen via which projectors are operated. They project on the model based on requirements. You will see, for example, where metro goes, all the natural parks, main cycling lanes or ferries, significant buildings, museums, etc.