Practical pieces of advice

... what you should know before you come here.

Barrier-free access - wheelchair

The exposition of the Kingdom of Railroads can be visited also when you are disabled. There is a personal lift by the box offices, which will take you to the first underground floor. The trackages of the first stage – on the first underground floor are elevated from technological reason and equipped with a bridge, in the height of two steps – there is an entrance ramp available. The movement on the second underground floor is completely without barriers. Obviously there are also toilets for disabled visitors. Personal assistants of disabled visitors have admission free access to the exposition.


We have a lift prepared for mothers with prams which will take them to first or second underground floor. On the first underground floor mothers can leave their prams by lockers or at places which are assigned by the guards by the entry. The movement on the second underground floor is without limits. It is also possible to get around with prams on the walking bridges on the first floor underground floor, but because from the height of the pram a child will not see the trackage, we recommend you to carry your child...

Photoshooting and shooting in the exposition

Photoshooting and video shooting for private purposes is unlimited.

Rucksacks, luggage, food and drinks

To protect the exposition against vandalism, it is forbidden to carry drinks or food in any form in the exposition and in particular near trackage. There are two refreshment zones for your relaxation and refreshment at your disposal and it is allowed to drink and eat there. It is guard’s duty to notify visitors of this fact upon their entry to the exposition and if visitors have some luggage with them that might have drinks in it, they will be asked by guards to leave it in lockers by the entry to the exposition.

If you have any luggage or you only want to leave your coats and jackets in a locker, you will need a 10 Crown coin which will be used as a deposit for a locker. For unlocking the locker and taking your staff out, the deposit is returned.

Changing desk

We have a changing desk available for mothers with toddlers which is placed at toilets for wheelchair users on the second underground floor (because of space and privacy).

Children´s playroom

Especially parents with young children will appreciate that there is also a playroom available.  It serves for relaxing and children can choose from a wide range of toys our partners equipped us with: POMPO toys network and Czech agency of a Danish manufacturer LEGO Trading s.r.o.

Next to the POMPO playroom there is also a small cinema where we show films from LEGO production not that known in the Czech Republic.

Performances are:

  • On weekdays always at 10 am and 3 pm
  • At weekends all day long

We notify parents that they must supervise their children in the playroom and the entry is not allowed in shoes! For those interested, there are one-off plastic covers by the entry to be used freely.

Benches for children on 2nd underground floor

From technical reasons there are no steel bridges by trackagaes on second underground floor as it is the case on the trackages on the gallery. Adults should be able to see trackages without a problem, so there are only narrower bridges for children on the second underground floor.  We would like to ask parents to supervise their children on bridges at all times.