Technical solution

Landscape and accessories

The basic frame and load-bearing surface is created by welded steel girder. Track area, surfaces under the construction and roads are made up from plyboard strip and pieces of plyboard. The landscape relief is made of polystyrene which is reinforced by paper and to this additionally cloroud base we glue grass or other materials creating final landscape.

Dominant authentic buildings and constructions (station buildings, historical objects, industrial buildings) in individual regions are hand-made and tailor-made precisely according to patterns. Other buildings are constructed from sets of leading manufacturers.

We make our own trees and bushes. Signalling device and lighting is from small series manufacturers.

Rail materials

The whole trackage is equipped with H0 tracks from Fleischmann with modeled bedrock. Each switch has remote operated electromagnetic reversing device operated by computer from the centre.

Automobile operation

We use a modified solution of Faller company and it Car system. There is a conductive wire in the road. Each vehicle has a movable front axle with a magnet which glides on the road and conductive wire. The power is provided by rechargeable batteries which are placed in every car.  Stop magnets are placed in roads which are disconnected by reed contacts in vehicles and that is how vehicles stop at crossings etc. Electromagnets and others are operated from headquarters by software.

Trackage control

Individual track act like their trackages when it comes to control. These “trackages” are not connected in any way. Control follows from this – resolved by digital (DCC) systems connected to computers. This solution enables to maintain operation also with failure of one of the trackages and it is not necessary to use network version of control software. Each track has its own DCC centre which brings signal to tracks and that is how it communicates with DCC decoder via tracks in every engine. Each centre is connected with a computer and controlled by RailCo Gold 7.0 software. Individual tracks and routes are connected to current sensors which after being equipped with an engine or a carriage send a message to the centre about how engaged the section is. Owing to this it is possible to automize the operation according to a precisely set graphicon. Switches, signaling devices, lighting and other effective accessories are also operated by software.