If you like looking at photos, do not overlook Photogallery section where you will find not only photos from photogalleries, where you will find not only photogalleries of trackage in day and night mode, photodocumentation of the ongoing constructions of individual regions in the Czech Republic, details and stories of people in our amazing small world, events of partners or companies who hired our premises and many others… Photogallery


Despite the fact that models are expected to be motionless, it is definitely not the case with model railway – our trackage is like alive! You can watch videos from trackage shot both by our visitors and professional cameramen. The quality of individual videos is variable but all of them are definitely worth seeing. One of the most interesting is certainly a view from the engine going around trackage in the Kingdom… Videogallery

Description and Orientation plan

Are you interested in our exposition and would you like to learn more about it? Would you like to learn more about individual trackage, how it was created and its placement in the Kingdom of Railways? Then continue to Description and Orientation plan.

Technical solution

Do you like to look at things not only from the outside but also from the inside? Would you like to know how are systems work and what are our work procedures? Look at Technical solution

The History of the Kingdom

How it all began? Where was the idea of the Kingdom born, when we first opened and what we have managed to do so far, all this can be found in the History of Kingdom. You can also find a plan in this section according to which we are going to realize further parts of the exposition. The History of Kingdom

Additional expositions

There are many additional exhibitions available in the Kingdom of Railways both educative and entertaining throughout the world and history. You can look forward to the greatest presentation of Thomas the tank engine in Europe, a unique Šíp´s paper model of Prague, the greatest exposition of current Lego production and others. There is also POMPO playroom full of toys available for children, small and big cinema where railways-related shows and LEGO films for children are shown, XBOX, ETS trackage and others. Additional exhibitions

The Model of Prague in the scale of 1:100 is a part of the Kingdom of Railways exhibition and it takes up a whole big room. The model is equipped with a modern visualization elements owing to which you can see Prague in detail and you can see what you have not seen yet…The Model of Prague.