Basic information

About the project

The plan to built the greatest model trackage inc Central and Eastern Europe originated several years ago. There is a long way from an idea to its realization but already on July 1st, 2009 the first 115 m2 of miniature Kingdom was open in Prague at Smíchov, Anděl. This first stage introduces the trial version of all technologies which are (and will be ) used in individual segments of the whole of the Kingdom. New parts of trackage are added at regular intervals. These represent individual regions of the Czech Republic and in the end they will present the whole of the republic with its landmarks in a single interconnected whole of the total area of more than 1008 m2.

What is awaiting you?

If you visit us, you will have a unique view of a model landscape with a railway network and many specialities. Our models go, light up, open, respond to the change in day and night cycle and some are adjusted so that you could operate them! Cameras above the trackage will provide you with a view of trackage details and various Czech Republic landmarks such as for example: Ještěd, Střekov, Křivoklát, Karlštejn etc.

That’s by no means it. There is a series of supplementary expositions, educative panels and a series of interactive elements at the disposal of the Kingdom of Railways.  It goes without saying that there is a possibility of small refreshment and facilities for young kids in a form of a playroom.

So do not hesitate and visit us!